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The Office
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Own the best employees of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

Buy, sell or collect the rear digital artwork of your favourite character here.

Countdown to Public Mint

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A War that No One Knows

An Exclusive Club of the Mifflins

"NFT Holder Benefits"

  • Take part in the NFT Sweepstakes.
  • Participate in quizzes.
  • Get X amount of TheOfficeGame Tokens.
  • Get X amount of in-game characters.
  • Get X amount of in-game paper supply (eg. works as a limited recharge and will be refilled every 24 hrs)
  • Enter mini-game events. (Starting rewards will be Matic Tokens and will be replaced with our game token in future events.)

  • The same benefits as above, but X amount will be calculated based on the season number NFT you hold.
  • Example: If you have Season 1 NFT, you may receive 9 in-game characters with random stats, 4 x paper supply and more game tokens than any other season.
    Season 2: 4 characters, 2 x paper supply and less game tokens than season 1 holders.
    Season 3: 2 characters and so on...

  1. Rare Schroot Box (2 x Rare in-game Characters)
  2. Epic Schroot Box (1 x Epic in-game Character)
  3. Collector's Schroot Box (1 x Legendary in-game Character)
  • If you hold 5 or more NFTs, you can get a rare schroot box.
  • If you hold 10 or more NFTs, you can get a rare schroot box and an epic schroot box.
  • If you hold 20 or more NFTs, you are eligible for all three schroot boxes.

๐Ÿ“ŒNote that these values are estimates and might go higher once the game mechanics are revealed.

Public minting going live soon!

Season 1 NFT of the "The Office NFT Game" will be officially released on January 15, 2022,
with a supply of 472 NFTs and a mint price of 20 Matic.

The Office Roadmap

  • Pre Website Launch
  • Setup social channels
  • Improve website with a better user interface and a well-defined plan.
  • Season 1 NFT Launch
  • Opensea Release
  • Marketing
  • Hiring of key Developers
  • WhitePaper Release
  • Season 2 NFT Launch
  • Mini game event for nft holder
  • Season 3 NFT Launch
  • Define Game Mechanics
  • Season 4 NFT Launch
  • Introducing Game Token
  • Mini game event for nft holder
  • Season 5 NFT Launch
  • Reward NFT Holders with game Tokens
  • Game launch on the web
  • Add Token Burn Mechanics & Reward System
  • Season 6 NFT Launch
  • Season 7 NFT Sale
  • Release in-game marketplace
  • Add mini game event for NFT Holders
  • Season 8,9 NFT Sale

โ€œYou miss 100% of the shots you donโ€™t take when
it comes to NFTโ€™sโ€

Thatโ€™s what Crypto Mike said

Our Mint Vault

Season Total NFT's Developers Community Public Mint
1 500 8 20 472
2 1400 12 30 1358
3 1600 12 40 1548
4 2000 16 30 1954
5 1600 12 40 1548
6 900 10 26 864
7 1000 10 26 964
8 400 8 20 372
9 600 8 20 572

Frequently Asked Questions

What Chain Is The Office NFT Game On?
We are on Polygon Blockchain.
What is the NFT total supply?
All of the drops from each season add up to a total supply of 10,000 NFTs. The Office has 9 seasons, each with a different quantity of nft drops, which you can see in our mint vault above.
When is the Season 1 mint date?
January 15th, 2022, 06:30 PM (UTC)
What is the Mint Price for Season 1 NFT?
20 Matic
How can I mint?
Add polygon network in metamask and load up the wallet with matic tokens.
How many NFT can I buy?
You will be able to purchase as many nft as you want,but only 1 per transaction.
I have a suggestion for the project, how can I let you guys know?
Share your thoughts in our Discord general chat.
I still have a question not answered in this FAQ, how can I find out?
DM one of our discord community mods or managers.
I heard there is a video game?
Yes, we are launching a really cool game in Q3 2022 where you can stake, trade, earn rewards and much more.

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